Brexit at its finest

I am Romanian. I live in London. 

I was never ever ashamed to be Romanian. I am ashamed about how my country manages the critic situations, that the youth is so disapointed by politics, that they literally stopped caring. But I was never ashamed about my heritage, my nationality or the country I come from.

We steal? I bet you've got no British thief on your list.
Drug dealing or prostitution? Truly, immigrants
 came in this country to find cheap cocaine and sell their body. There were no drugs or hookers in UK before we came here.
We live on benefits0.03% - That's the procentage of Romanians on benefit, out of the 100% on national level.

You want out of EU, so you can keep your money rolling just in UK, but keep the freedom of commerce law, investing and bussines perspective at the same level. You want to grab only what you want out of the EU and ditch whatever you don't like. It's like eating the creme, but leave the crust.

I am Romanian. I've got a degree, pointless here, because you refuse to accept that there might actually be good universities out of UK. So I've got a menial job, that pays for my rent, NHS, NIN, taxes, travel and my food. I also speak a better English than some of the Brits, whilst serving you food for the minimal wage per month.

Accusing us of stealing your jobs goes 2 ways: you are either less qualified for it or you do not want to scrub toilets for £1000 pounds a month. 

Wanting to hide the racist fact of not wanting refugees in your country by stopping immigration on the ethics of job and benefits is pure BS.

The world evolves by mix of people, cultures and perspective. Pure Britain will not happen because you've decided that you want out of something that you don't understand.

The restaurants you eat at are full of immigrants, the social care who takes care of your mother, because you are too busy or lazy to do it, is an immigrant, that nice lady at the bank, smiling even when she doesn't feel like it, is an immigrant. The doctor you've seen last week might be an immigrant.

It's not the Brexit that revolts me, is the fact that people can't see the bigger picture. You don't like people because they are different? Because their skin is dark, their hair is red and they speak English with an accent? By the way, that's because we speak at least 2 languages. At least.

You should raise your kids to equality, not tolerance. Don't tell them that you have to tolerate the other "because he's different". Don't tell them they're different at all.

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