Where music sounds different

Do you remember how your soul used to shiver on "that" song? How your happiness was simple and so uncomplicated?

Came home and turned the music on. Bashing my ears and talking through years. I had an absolutely crazy year. I left my future behind and broke my principles. Broke what I knew about me and rebuilt myself without realizing. Woke up one morning and realized I can breathe. Without pain, without judgement. And that was one of the most beautiful days.

Pain came after again, but it was a different one. I knew where it came from and what it means. And I smiled. Like a fucked up person, I danced on the streets, smiled in a window and loved people, without loving anyone in particular.

This year, last year, in some year, my life changed. I chose to change it and some I didn't. It just happened. Stronger and weaker. Made me cry and smile. Its consequences can't be changed either and man, how I loved that year.

Every one I met, loved or not, shared a beer and not, made me who I am today. At some a.m., in a some corner in some city, where music sounds different and tears drop like crazy.